Online Gambing Help

The majority of online casino players wager money online in a controlled way that lets them have fun; however, as with all gambling there is a risk that some players will spend more money than planned, and will end up developing a gambling problem.

Facing the Problem

Facing up to a gambling problem can be difficult as it can differ from person to person, and some cases are obviously more severe than others.  You may be trying to tell yourself that there is nothing wrong with your behaviour; however, if you are spending money on gambling when it should be used in other areas of your life, or are cancelling arrangements with friends and family, as you would rather be gambling, then it is likely that you have a gambling problem.

It is important to analyse your behaviour and act upon it before the situation gets too serious.  We have all heard the horror stories in the news where select gamblers have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars on their addiction, and have lost their homes and families along the way.  No one wants to be in that situation, and there is no need to be as there are plenty of different places that you can turn to, to get help and advice.

Getting Help 

The first step could be talking to your friends and family who will be able to offer their help and support whilst you get professional help with your gambling problem

There are plenty of different anonymous associations and organisation that offer 24/7 help. You can easily visit their websites, by clicking on one of the links below.  The organisations allow you to join their forums, attend a local meeting, or even have a one on one phone conversation with a counsellor over the phone.  Don’t forget that they deal with people all over the world with gambling problems every single day and have; therefore, heard it all before, so there will be nothing to be embarrassed about.

The below organisations operate on a global scale:

• Gamblers Anonymous – They have a 12 step recovery programme that starts with admitting that you have a gambling problem.  You could attend meetings or get 24/7 help over the phone.

• Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) - The RGC is dedicated to gambling prevention.  They are working to reduce the risks of gambling by creating and delivering awareness and information programs.  They can also help gamblers find local help.

• GamTalk – Is an online community where people with gambling problems can share their experiences and issues.  They provide a list of help lines where gamblers can get further help.

These organisations operate on a national scale:

• National Council on Problem Gambling - Raises awareness about gambling in the USA.

• Problem Gambling (AU) and Gamblers Anonymous (AU) – Helps Australians take care of their gambling problems.

• Gambling Helpline (NZ) – A Helpline created for New Zealanders to contact counsel any time via free text messages or phone. They also have an anonymous forum which you can use for free to connect with others and counsellors.

GamCare – Online support and counselling for UK gamblers.

• Problem Gambling (CA) – Helps Canadians with their gambling problems.

If you do have a gambling problem, then you may also want to download the GamBlock® software programme to your computer.  This will stop you being able to access any online gambling sites.

Are you New to Gambling?

If you are reading this article before you have started any gambling, then remember that the key to gambling sensibly is to set yourself limits that you will not break.  Many online casino sites allow you to set a deposit limit and we suggest you do just this.  Remember to always check a casino sites terms and conditions regarding wagering requirements and that plenty of games now offer a demo mode where you can play for free using funplay coins.

Gambling is only supposed to be a form of entertainment like attending the cinema, or going bowling, rather than a way to make money and it is very important to remember this.