Non-Sticky Casino Bonuses


Never before have online casinos offered players such a rich set of bonuses and promotions as they do today. It’s safe to say that fans of online slots are spoiled for choice since spinning the reels usually contributes to completing a playthrough with 100%. However, many punters and newbies especially, often have a hard time trying to figure out which deal can help them make the most of their play.

The majority of punters face the aforementioned dilemma every time they want to register at a new gambling website and claim a welcome package that often covers several initial deposits. Some of those offers come with truly staggering amounts of extra funds while others feature pretty modest match bonuses. The same is true for various deposit-related perks designed for existing players who are often confused by what they see in the Bonus T&Cs.

Asking themselves whether they should always opt for the heftiest deals or those with the lowest wagering requirements, they often overlook the fact that not all bonuses are the same. In the great bulk of cases, a lot depends on the nature of a certain promotion, or to be precise, if it is sticky or not. If you are a regular at online casinos then chances are, you’ve seen the term but just as many other players perhaps, just do not fully understand what is a non-sticky casino bonus and how it is different from a sticky variant.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about non-sticky treats and the benefits they deliver.

What Is A Non-Sticky Casino Bonus?

what-is-a-non-sticky-casino-bonus1610982155Simply put, a non-sticky casino bonus can be defined as a regularly cashable offer in the form of extra funds that can be withdrawn. With a non-sticky offer, your deposit is not “glued” to the bonus but kept separately, so you start spinning with your own money first. This type of perk is often referred to as a parachute or lifeline bonus because of its ability to support players with additional funds in case they haven’t hit a win with their real money.

The bottom line is that you can withdraw winnings at any point in your play provided you still haven’t tapped into the bonus funds. However, the moment you start using your bonus balance, all wagers and eventual prizes are considered bonus money, being subject to wagering requirements.

Non-Sticky vs Sticky Bonuses

non-sticky-vs-sticky-bonuses1610982174You can often hear punters say that they don’t claim welcome deals, giving preference to cashback or other options. Well, the truth is that the great bulk of sign-up bonuses are sticky, which means they are non-cashable. You can use them for playing your favorite online slot but once you request a withdrawal, the bonus amount will vanish from your balance. This is the reason why sticky offers are also called phantom bonuses.

As you can see, the main difference between sticky and non-sticky bonuses lies in the fact that non-sticky offers are cashable while sticky counterparts are not. Even though sticky deals usually look far more attractive due to the larger amounts of additional funds they offer, many players are reluctant to claim them, knowing that they won’t be allowed to cash out that huge bonus amount but only their deposit and the bonus winnings. Naturally, upon completing wagering requirements attached to the bonus.

How can you tell whether a bonus is sticky or not?

As always, don’t skip the fine print because the T&Cs of a certain offer contains all the details you want to know. If it says “for wagering only”, be sure you come across a sticky perk, although in the majority of cases, it will be clearly stated whether a bonus is cashable or not, and under what conditions. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly happens when you claim a sticky and non-sticky bonus.

100% Sticky Casino Bonus

Let’s say, you’ve deposited $100 and claimed a 100% sticky match bonus, so now you have $200 to test the winning potential of the latest action-packed video slots. Do not forget to read the bonus’ T&Cs to find out how many times these $200 should be wagered to complete the playthrough because your money is now tied to the bonus. Although wagering requirements for sticky offers are often lower than for non-sticky ones, even with the WR of 30x, you will have to wager $6,000 before you can request a withdrawal.

100% Non-Sticky Casino Bonus

Again, you have deposited $100 and got from the casino an additional $100, but this time in a form of a non-sticky match bonus. Your money and bonus funds are kept separately and you start playing with your deposit. Should you land a nice win while spinning with your own $100, it’s time to celebrate because you can cash out your prize right away and do not have to worry about wagering requirements, since the deposit is not attached to the bonus funds.

Benefits Of Non-Sticky Bonuses

It’s hard to find a gambler who doesn’t like the concept of bonuses and doesn’t claim various perks offered by online casinos. However, not all offers are the same, and the wrong choice of a welcome package or any other deposit-match deal can turn into a pretty stressful experience, often compounded by too high wagering requirements and too short timeframes to complete them.

In line with said above, the main benefit of non-sticky bonuses is that they do not put on punters the pressure of unreachable WG and eventual loss of their deposit due to inability of meeting them. Quite the contrary, taking advantage of a non-sticky bonus perfectly serves the purpose of having fun, letting online slot players focus on what really matters. Can you think of something more frustrating than striking a mega win but being unable to cash it out? Add the strong feeling that your prize has no chances to survive the playthrough and you’ll get everything but not a relaxing pastime.

That’s why seasoned pros give preference to non-sticky deals, ignoring massive extra funds wrapped into the attractive at first glance packages of sticky bonuses. For the majority of players, it is very important to know that they have a say and can withdraw winnings at any time while wagering with their own money. It’s also safe to say that non-sticky bonuses areless risky because a player obviously has more control over the gaming session. Additionally, while the T&Cs of some promotional offers may include a pretty extensive list of restricted slot titles, non-sticky bonuses usually give players more freedom in terms of game selection.

by Anna Anna