Online Slots Bankroll Management: Tried And True Tips For Clever Betting


Originated as a poker term, bankroll management is an essential part of gambling generally and, of course, plays a significant role when it comes to slots, the most popular sector of the industry.

Despite what many people may think …

… it has absolutely nothing to do with how someone plays a certain game.

Instead, it’s all about how someone can run his/her money intended for having fun. Regardless of whether you’re sitting in front of a sleek cabinet in Las Vegas, or prefer the comfort of your own place, controlling your account is the skill which is hard to overestimate.

Money management cannot help you beat the game or hit a jackpot, but it can make you a better player – the one who doesn’t struggle with feelings of guilt after losses. No, not because you don’t care, but due to the fact, that you are in charge of keeping them within reason.

Tried And True Tips For Clever Play

Tried and true tips for clever play

You’ll be surprised to find out how many punters are, actually, have various “techniques” to avoid upset balance and, as a consequence, inevitable disappointment. Well, not all of the methods are good or sensible, and, of course, if a specific strategy works for one player, it doesn’t mean it’ll pay off for you.

                            “skill that is hard to overestimate”

However, there are some time-tested tips that serve well for the majority of gamblers and are not difficult to follow at all.

  • First of all, never forget that reels might be virtual but your money is real.

          If you are not quite ready for “as real as it gets” experience, then consider trying free play versions of video slots first, fortunately, online casinos have them in abundance.

          These games use fun money and give players plenty of opportunities to test their winning potential …

                                          … without doing any harm to the balance.

  • Be aware that your bankroll is not all the funds you have, but a certain amount of money you’ve put aside for playing slots. Therefore, under no circumstances consider betting with so-called “scared money” reserved for paying some health issues, rent, or living expenses.

           In other words, a good rule of thumb is:

                                     don’t gamble with money you cannot afford to lose.

  • Set up your own priorities, some kind of a gambling routine that helps you stick to the plan and stay away from any problems. The strategy should be devised in advance: how often you’re going to play at online casinos, for how long (think of the number and duration of sessions), the budget (monthly and for each particular time), and, of course, your losing limits.

          Handling your money pensively is …

                                  … the key element to the safe and sound betting.

  • When it comes to the ideal starting bankroll, naturally, it greatly depends on your gambling style and financial health (or wealth). Still, keeping in mind that slots can have long losing streaks, the general recommendation is to have enough money for 100 spins.

          The sum you’re going to stake per round determines the amount you need to deposit …

                                           … it’s always better to buy yourself more time …

          … in the case, a big win is in no hurry to hit.

  • If you land a win, a great tactic is to continue playing with just half of the prize money and “forget” about the rest. If you strike another lucky combination, repeat the procedure and put half of the new award aside.

          Using such a simple yet effective approach …

                                                            … will never let your bankroll down.

Online Slots Advantages

Everybody knows, that a lot of slot fans at land-based casinos spice up their entertainment with different tricks like playing at two or three machines at the same time, jumping from one one-armed bandit to another if they don’t strike a win in the first five minutes of the play, or coming together with a spouse or friends to have their support and advice.

Well, with online casinos things are much easier …

… since you have more opportunities not only to build your strategy for bankroll management but also to implement it. A great choice of top-notch video slots developed by the famous software providers can suit all your preferences in regards with the size of the bets, coin denomination, the speed you want to spin the reels at.

You can also decide between the titles with progressive jackpots or without them, the ones jam-packed with innovative bonus features or classic fruity three-reelers. In addition to that, sophisticated mobile casinos let you have fun literally at any time, at any place, and in any company.

What’s more, online gambling has an awesome advantage that comes in the shape of various bonuses, some of them require no deposit at all. Used wisely, they can be decent support for your bankroll and a good basis for plotting your strategy. By the way, in 2016 one lady from the UK won £1200 without spending a penny on NetEnt’s Neon Staxx by using 5 spins offered by the online casino.

If you still don’t have your own system to control the game, it’s the perfect time to start creating one. Remember, no bankroll management can help you outsmart the house but can limit your long-termed anticipated losses and bring more fun into your life.

by Anna Anna