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Headquartered in Amsterdam, Endemol is a television production firm that spans more than 30 countries and puts out big name shows such as Deal or No Deal, Big Brother, and Your Face Sounds Familiar. Endemol Games has grown out of its parent company within the past few years, and provides betting games to several large casinos from its development studio in London. These games run the gamut from slots, lottery games, scratch cards, and bingo titles, which are available at land and online casinos.

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Slot Content

Slots are probably Endemol Games' biggest offering, with the company developing titles mainly based around their television properties. These games often feature theme songs, graphics, and sometimes accurate likenesses of the hosts or stars of each individual show. Current brands covered for game content include: Big Brother, Catch Phrase, Countdown, Deal or No Deal, Fear Factor, Golden Balls, Hulkamania (Based on the wrestling legend Hulk Hogan), King Africa, The FA (A football themed slot), The Million Pound Drop, and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Games are all of the video slot variety, with standard game features being Free Spins, Wild Symbols, Scatters, and Pick'em. These bonus features do come up quite frequently, and allow punters the opportunity to cash in on nice sized prizes.

Other Games

In addition to slots, Endemol Games develops scratch cards, lotto games, and bingo games, which are available online as well as at select land casinos. These games are all closely related to Endemol's slots, as they share many of the same branding and graphics on the same shows. While we can't claim that the games are identical, calling them interchangeable is not that big of a stretch.

PC and Mobile Friendly

Endemol Gaming has specialized in diversifying its betting offerings, pushing the games out to as many platforms as possible. Because of this, players can expect to see Endemol titles inside land casinos, on their PCs, and through various show websites that allow players to participate in the games of their choice.

The biggest opportunity for growth in these area is Endemol Gaming's mobile platform, which allows punters to play iPhone versions of television classics like Deal or No Deal or 1 vs 100, all for real money. These games have all been very successful in the past, with Deal or No Deal topping the charts as the most downloaded app on the marketplace, and Endemol's titles are some of the most popular offerings put out by the UK Lottery.

Security and Licensing

Endemol Games is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and deals with some very large online betting brands such as Virgin Games, Sky Vegas, and 888. Because of this, Endemol Games regularly has its software tested and audited for fairness and security. Each game is secure, and we have never heard of players having issues with Endemol's software.


Endemol Games is an offshoot of the popular television production studio with the same name, and develops rich and feature packed games for PC, mobile, and land based platforms. Each game is based on an Endemol television property, giving punters the chance to participate in something they watch regularly. The games are all fun and secure, making Endemol Games a great developer for you to try your luck with.


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