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expanse-studios-software-review-image11597225493As one of the most competitive industries, iGaming is seeing new brands popping left and right. Some of them burn out before they get a chance to shine, while others rise to the top in record time. One of the noticeable additions is Expanse Studio.

Standing out from the crowd with it thrive to perfection...
…this brand has a goal to shift the perspective of the industry. Introduced in 2019, this provider already has an impressive collection of high-quality titles to show for. 

While it is powered by a young team, it doesn’t lack experience in the gambling business. It gathers the experts dedicated to bringing a new approach to game creation.

What approach is it?

Well, stick around and find out more about this creative brand...

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Based on Pillars That Enable Player’s Satisfaction

As stated on the official website, the first and foremost objective of the company is the player’s performances. That means that production is guided towards creating the games from the player’s point of view. After all, the releases that aren’t enticing for users, won’t be interesting for online operators as well. 

So, creating a product that corresponds to the player’s demands, desires and needs is a bulletproof way for the success of such a product. This brand is on the right path, and it relies on three based pillars of game development:

  • Superior design
  • Innovative features
  • Friendly gameplay

The results of combining these three elements...
... are highly engaging titles with original characteristics and game components that provide a premium gaming experience. A motto of the brand is “the universe is the limit”, and the quality of its releases are suggesting those aren’t just empty words. 

A Milestone Partnership

Catching an eye of top brands in the gambling business is not easy, but when it happens it’s an indicator of the provider’s quality. Making a deal with one of the leading operators is an impressive accomplishment – one that this studio has managed to do relatively soon after its inception.

A partnership with Meridian signed in July 2020, has put this brand on the map and pawed its path in conquering the Balkan markets.
By signing the distribution deal with a leading operator in this region, Expanse was able to reach a new audience and present its collection of slots to Serbian players.

The provider didn’t hide its enthusiasm about partnering up with such an esteemed online casino:

Meridian is a leading company not just in Serbia, but also in a region. We are convinced that collaboration with the best is the easiest way to launch our brand to the market”, stated the official statement from the brand’s representatives.

On the other side, the operator also showed its content, showcased in its public announcement:

“Partnership with Expanse will help us to enrich our offer. We’ve sensed that it is becoming the leader in online casino games production and we wanted to expand our collaboration. We hope that in the future we’ll make a great team”.

Product Tour

Slots are without a doubt the most popular gaming product. It's no wonder why many providers are focusing on delivering this type of content, and this brand isn’t the exception.

Most of its portfolio are these types of games – 9 slots at the moment of writing the review. While that doesn’t seem like a big number, just remember there are providers with twice longer traditions that offer even fewer products.

On the other hand...
…it takes time to create an engaging slot, with innovative features, superb graphics and original theme. What’s more impressive is the developer’s ability to cover a wide range of stories in a limited number of releases.

Showcasing a wide diversity, its slots still have a few things in common – supreme visual appeal, great soundtracks that follow the story completely, excellent animation and enhanced special features. Even the releases following the popular mythological or fruit themes are looking rejuvenated and like something brand-new due to thrilling gameplay and superb visuals.

Some of the hit releases by this provider are:

  • Piggy Party
  • Maya’s Treasure
  • Fairy in Wonderland
  • Casino Heist
  • 777 Sticky

Are slots the only gaming options?

Let’s not be hasty. While the slots are in the center of the portfolio, the other types of releases aren’t neglected either. However, if you think you will encounter just another variation of the classic games, think again.

The studio thrive for innovation is best demonstrated in its table variants. Instead of providing just “another variation to the theme”, the brand has reinvented some evergreens. Under the familiar names of Hi-Lo, Diamond Blackjack, Titan Roulette, Titan Dice, and Pixel Poker are titles that do follow common gameplays, but with a quite unique twist.

As an ultimate example of the team innovation are the games that can’t be categorized, like the ones combining the slots and scratchcards mechanics.


By reviewing the provider’s portfolio, it’s obvious that it stands behind what it is preaching. As promised, the modest game library is filled with original and highly innovative releases that capture and retain the attention of the player.

This is truly one of those cases when a first glance is misleading. When we visited its official site composed of just one main page and limited information, we’re a bit skeptical. Such big goals and promises of the products “beyond our universe” on not so elaborate site made us quite suspicious.

…they were all blown away after we’ve tried out their games. Their quality speaks louder than anything else, and the engaging and authentic gameplay of each one of them has swept us off our feet. Expanse Studio means business and it is on the right track to becoming one of the prominent iGaming developers.

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