EYECON Software

Eyecon is a software company that was established back in 1997. They weren't founded long after the birth of the online gambling industry as a whole, and they have lots of games in both the online and land-based sectors. Their offices are located in Australia, and they are a privately held company. Online casino fans will know them primarily for their particularly high-quality slots and the strength of the experiences that they get from those games.

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A Variety of Visual Approaches

Something that has helped them a lot is how they have a variety of different visual approaches that they can use. A lot of companies have a particular graphical style that they like to use in all of their games, but that stifles their flexibility and their ability to dictate the tone and mood of a player's experience. Eyecon, on the other hand, knows how to make sure that what you're seeing matches up with what you're feeling about the game you're enjoying. Along these lines, they have games that use all kinds of different graphical styles, including some games with 3D graphics.

Live Dealer Games

Another thing that this company provides that gets a fair amount of attention is their live dealer games. These include classic titles like roulette, Baccarat, sic bo and blackjack, and the games themselves are streamed with high-definition audio and video. There's a betting interface placed over the video feed, so you can place your bets and act in real time while hanging out with a bunch of other players online and chatting it up with them and your dealer. The quality of these games is pretty strong, as is the case with virtually all of their titles that are running today.

Online Slot Selection

Several dozen online slots have been produced by this developer, and that puts players in a position where they have plenty to pick and choose from. Because they have titles that cover so many different motifs and general themes, they have a lot that many types of players will love. On top of that, they mix up the play styles and the types of features that are being used as well, and that makes the mix even more intriguing in terms of the overall portfolio that they have available.


This is a great company in terms of the quality of titles they put out in the industry, and it's important not to forget that they have interests in other sectors like bingo and land-based slots. Eyecon has been able to make some serious distribution deals in the time they've been open, including software distribution through industry giant Playtech, and that's on top of tons of individual agreements with casino operators. It's no surprise, however, because their games are excellent, and there are plenty of them to pick from, so their portfolio is a welcome addition to virtually any site running out there in the market today.