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Different companies get involved in making online casino games for different reasons. In the case of Fazi, full name FAZI d.o.o. & Triple Crown, they actually started off in 1991 and are primarily known for making electronic roulette machines. They got into the online slot industry as well, however, and they have their offices located in Niš in the Balkans. They focus on quality with both graphics and gameplay as their primary mode of developing games.

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Visual Quality

The first thing most players pay attention to is the visual quality of the titles they see. Because this company is most known for electronic roulette units in land-based facilities, they know just how important the aesthetic presentation of a game can be. To this end, players will have opportunities to get in on the action with games that look solid at the worst and great most of the time. They don't necessarily make games that beat out all of the others with how they look, but they are definitely competitive enough to give players something to look forward to.

Gameplay Styles

Overall, most of this company's games focus on low-volatility and medium-volatility gameplay styles without big swings. They simply don't offer that many titles with a high volatility, and it seems like their primary focus is on titles that include some ways to win big payouts while still making the experience as a whole relaxing and smooth. Their games include balanced pay tables as a part of this, but you can still find some pretty strong static and progressive jackpots at the same time.

Feature Sets and Themes

One thing that's important to note about their slots in particular is that they tend to have feature sets that are tied into the themes of the games. While they don't use concepts from big pre-existing media brands, they do use archetypical themes pretty often, and this has historically been something that players respond to really well. From there, you'll find that the features themselves are designed around whatever the motif is for the game, so even if it's just free spins, some type of twist will be put on the game mode to make it fit the concept a bit more than just throwing together a bunch of generic bonus rounds.


Fazi has a pretty good thing going with their online slots and their land-based focus on roulette cabinets. They are hitting some niche markets instead of trying to compete against every heavy-hitter out there, and that's a smart business strategy overall. We like the quality of their games, and we think that they fit in well with titles from other software providers when compared side-by-side. This makes them a great fit for the current state of the industry as a whole as well.

Extra Information

Official Website: http://www.fazi.rs

Contact Email: office@fazi.rs

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FaziTripleCrown/