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For players who are familiar with FUGA Gaming, the name makes them think of great games with fun concepts and strong gameplay. This is the reputation that they have developed since first launching in 2014. They have their offices located in London, England, which is a great place to be in the modern era of the online casino industry. This is a company that has put together a number of popular land-based games, and they successfully made the jump to producing titles for Internet players as well.

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Land-based Games

Something interesting that this company does is produce online versions of games that already exist in land-based cabinets. They don't run these games under the FUGA name, however, and simply run them under the name of the original provider. Aside from developing land-based slots themselves, this company has been very successful in tying in their experiences between the two sectors in a way that benefits both in a big way. That extra experience definitely helps them on every level, and you can see it in the titles that they produce.

HTML5 Focus

Every single one of their online slots have been produced using the HTML5 platform. This is exactly the kind of platform that is geared towards the future, and it's hard at this point to find many companies you can take seriously who still use Flash. By utilizing HTML5, their games run well on any type of device with any size screen, and that means a higher level of compatibility with a really wide range of smartphones, tablets and computers. These games are designed to run in your browser window anyway, and that lends itself to a high level of flexibility as well.

Graphics and Gameplay

The two main areas that most players care about are graphics and gameplay. Since this company exclusively produces slots, you can see how these two factors become even more important. On the graphical side, one thing they do that players really like is use different styles of graphics depending on what kind of game is being produced. No one wants to see the same style of visuals used over and over again because that can make you feel like you're playing the same game after a while even if you're switching to another title. By switching things up a bit, you get something fresh over and over again each time you play.

On the gameplay end of things, it's a bit more complicated because there's so many more restrictions on what can be used in a slot. These restrictions come from things like the amount of screen real estate you have, but FUGA Gaming has shown an ability to think outside of the box to come up with features and play elements that you can't really find anywhere else all that often. That gives their titles a distinctive quality on that end of things as well.

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