Galewind Software


Galewind Software was established in 2000; however, they spent four years developing various online casino applications and games; before they supplied them to a range of online casinos in 2004. Their motto is Quality, Reliability and Integrity, and they back this up by not accepting any compromise with their software or games. How do they back this up? They will not release any software until it has been strenuously tested, as they don’t feel that their clients should have to iron out any of their problems.

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Galewind Slots and Table Games

Galewind has three different software programmes under their belt. All three of the software programmes are classed as instant play software, as they do not have to be downloaded by the user. They can just sign up to their chosen casino site, and start playing straight away.

The first software option allows casinos to offer a free to play casino, where players can play a range of their games for free; however, they will not be able to win any cash prizes. The second option is a real cash wagering casino, and the third a tournament based casino.

Like the majority of software providers, Galewind offers an exciting array of games to their players including; Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Video Poker, Craps, Keno, Pontoon, Pai Gow, Roulette and Video Slot games etc.

If video slots are your game of choice, then they boast a selection of progressive slots (Bells and Whistles and Silver Spurs etc), as well as an array of non-progressive games (Gems of Isis, Crazy 8 Line, The Red, White and Blue and Diamonds Wild etc).

Galewind Features

  • Non-Downloadable Software
  • Three Different Software Options
  • Wide Selection of Games
  • Excellent Customer Care

Software Security

Galewind makes sure that all the casinos using their software programmes have all the correct firewall and encryption procedures in place. Galewind Software also likes to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service, with them paying out a $39,900 win from their own pocket, when a certain casino wrongly refused to do so in 2010. This resulted in Galewind removing their software from the site, and the casino being shut down.


Galewind is an online software provider that has a great reputation, due to the fact that they keep to their motto of Quality, Reliability and Integrity. They have three different casino programmes to choose from, as well as a top notch customer service department that quickly takes care of any problems should they arise.