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gold-deluxe-software-review-image1Gold Deluxe is an Asian-oriented developer of live games with quite a reputation throughout the region. Established in 2011, the company is based in the Philippines and currently has over 100 employees. Although mainly focused on the gambling markets of Asia, the provider is working on expanding its reach to the other parts of the iGaming world. 

The main mission of the brand...
… is to provide the best playing experience through delivering the most diverse game interface and bet types in the market. Products of this brand who is self-advertising as a “Baccarat specialist” are limited to live dealer releases.

With its innovative products, that according to this brand licensed in the Philippines will be recently boosted with even more advanced features line up, the brand seems to be on the right path to achieve its goal of joining ranks of the leading online casino platform providers in the industry. Or so it claims, and it's up to us to take a closer and unbiased look at its offer...

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Product Line

Although it’s not a newcomer in the gambling industry, this provider mainly focuses on two types of games – Roulette and Baccarat. This might be the center of its attention, but it doesn’t mean it is all it has to show for as it also features two more games - Sic Bo and Bull-Bull.

The Lobby displays mobile-friendly games with plenty of related information. Players get a detailed overview of past results, time remaining for placing bets, and a choice of 2 betting limit ranges. The straightforward interface clearly segments the screen into three main elements - a menu with settings and various options, a live feed positioned on the top half, and a betting interface found in the space below. 

Multi-table functionality is always a welcomed feature as it allows players to select up to 3 tables which they can play at simultaneously.


…the sound is not streamed so the dealers are silent. Also, lack of a live chat option can be disappointing for some players.

Speaking of live dealers...

…the provider refers to them as “beauties” - term feminists might have a problem with. But the one can’t deny the physical attributes of ladies hosting the provider's games. Since they are destined to remain silent, elegantly dressed dealers only have a lovely smile to make you feel welcome to the game. Some players might find them too static and insufficiently engaging, but since their voice is taken from them, we can’t hold it against them. 

Live Baccarat

As a self-proclaimed Baccarat expert, the expectation for these types of releases by this provider comes with high expectations. And they are met to the point.

This brand doesn’t defer from other developers catering to Asian markets, so its live baccarat products are delivered in several variants, available on numerous top sites in the region. All of them are offering multiple bet types, including Banker/Player Pair, Big and Small. With standard 5 roadmaps included, plenty of space is given to statistics.

The basic variant features a simple betting board without trying to replicate genuine game table design, but 3D Baccarat superimposes a computer-generated betting table over the physical one. This increases the authenticity of the playing experience. Multi-bet Baccarat provides the option of placing several additional side bets, such as color and suit of Banker’s / Player’s first card. Punters can bet on the sum of either hand being Even or Odd, Big or Small, or a specific number between 0 and 9.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette by this provider is a European variant with 3 game modes to choose from:

  • Standard
  • 32-47-71
  • 29-59-89-119

*In the last two versions, payout odds of Straight bets are substituted by dynamic odds and can subsequently deliver either 32/47/71 to 1, or 29/59/89/119 to 1.

Whichever mode you pick...

…the interface will be the same. Occupying the middle position on top is live stream, as the camera zooms in on the wheel once it starts spinning. Displayed on its left side are the winning numbers of the last 30 rounds, with the History button additionally offering an overview of Hot / Cold and Even / Odd outcomes.

Bets can be placed using a digital image of a standard betting table, or via a racetrack opened with a click on the Neighbor button. Button marked as Special is allowing additional betting options on Voisins du Zero, Tier and Orphelins.

Sic Bo and Bull-Bull

While the Baccarat and Roulette are the main stars of the brand’s game production, there are also Sic Bo and Bull-Bull releases.

Sic Bo is a traditional Asian game where one bets on the outcome of 3 dice roll. In the developer’s live version, the players have 30 seconds to place bets, while statistics of the last 6 rounds are shown by individual dice numbers, their sum, as well as Big / Small outcome. While dice are being shaken, the video zooms in on the glass container. The outcome is additionally displayed by computer-generated dice tossed on the betting board with highlighted winning numbers or combinations.

Known also by the names Bullfight or Niu Niu, Bull-Bull is a simple card game often described as a Chinese version of poker. Player has the 6 standard card decks and it is competing against the casino instead with other punters. It is played on live dealer tables in many Asian-oriented online casinos, and the developer’s variant is featuring the classic gameplay with no added tweaks.

System Integration

When we’ve seen what the provider’s games have to offer players, it's time to see the other side of the medal – what they offer to operators in a form of integration to their platforms.

According to the provider, it is seamless, and its products will diversify and refresh any game library. Players can log in to the brand’s platform directly from the operator’s site, with no additional login requested on player side.

Its system supports multiple functions such as one-way authentication, 3 ways authentication, transfer wallet, seamless wallet.

In addition...

…the backoffice collects many reports regarding finance and marketing, providing valuable insights to its partners.

With its live games, the developer is providing online casinos following services as well:

  • Online customer services – the Customer Service Manager will assistant is available 24/7 to answer any inquiry or question
  • API Application interface – Seamless integration to the system with data sync to the casino real time
  • Wallet Integration solution - Support easy wallet and transfer wallet integration and also supports multiple currencies.
  • System support - Helping casino partners to develop bigger influence on the market
  • Strong Backoffice management - Multiple functions that can contribute operators to analyze the market statistic


Considering how long the brand is part of the gambling industry...

…we must admit that we’ve expected much more from it. Regardless of the chosen target market, the portfolio is very limited with no blackjack and poker games which would appeal to the European audience, nor many of traditional table games in live versions favored by Asian players.

A simple game interface makes navigation super-easy, but is not as attractive nor does it feature as many options as other live releases on the market. The lack of usual casino sounds - dealer’s voice, and video chat function – is not something you will except from the company tending to be one of the leading providers as it diminishes the playing experience.

Gold Deluxe does bring unique Live Roulette modes, but that’s the only novelty it can brag with. Other than this, we don’t see any special features that will convince players to choose these releasees over the ones offered by the top live casino content suppliers.

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