MetaGU Software

MetaGU is the short version of the name Meta Games Universal, and they're a company that's been running since 2008. They are based out of London, England, and spent the first decade they were running developing games that were primarily released under other software brands. They've worked with major developers like IGT in this fashion, but in 2018, they started making titles for the online world under their own name. This company is licensed in both the United Kingdom and Alderney.

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Flexible Online Games

This is a developer that's been around long enough to know that they need to prepare for the future. Along these lines, they've made their games particularly flexible when it comes to letting them "play well with others," and this allows them to make deals with software aggregators and casinos to use their titles alongside games from other providers. This is a key aspect of operating in today's industry, and they know just how important it is with their years of experience in the industry.

High-Quality Graphics

When you check out any of their games that they have produced under their own name, what you'll notice right off the bat is that they look absolutely incredible. They have graphics and visual values that are up there with anything else that you could point to in the online slot industry as being a good example of a developer that produced great-looking games. What makes that even more impressive is that all of their games have different styles of graphics. They customize their graphical style to fit the games instead of just applying a "one size fits all" approach, and it shows in how great their titles feel.

The Quality Focus

From a strategic standpoint, quality is the main focus of this company. They're all about making games that look and play as excellent as they can, and they're not worried so much about putting out a lot of titles as long as the ones they do put out do really well. That's been paying off for them so far, and everything that they've done along these lines has centered around making sure that each individual game is as good as they can reasonably make it within the parameters that are required of online casino titles.


MetaGU has everything that it takes to become a top name in the online casino software world. They make titles that look great and that have excellent gameplay values. On top of that, they have a proven record when it comes to working with top names in the business. They spent the first decade of their existence making games for other software companies, but they've produced several titles on their own, and they all look amazing. This is a company to really look for if you're the type of player who prefers quality above all else because they seriously bring it in every single one of their games that they have produced.

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