MGA Software

The MGA Group was first founded back in 1976, and they were the very first company to produce a land-based casino slot in Spain. Today, they are a leading Spanish company for a variety of gambling-related sectors, and they also have solid online slots. Because they have been around for over 40 years, they've had to stay on the cutting edge of what's going on in the industry to adapt and thrive. To this end, it's easy to see that they have what it takes to produce solid games that will hold up over time.

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Online Slots Selection

The main thing that most players will want to know about here is what their online slots are like. They have 20+ titles overall, and they cover a variety of different themes. Western Saloon is an example that's self-explanatory, and they also have games like Mr. Magnifico, a game about a fictional super hero. Many of their games are produced in Spanish with English versions available, but they are all very accessible no matter what languages you speak.

Graphical Approach

All of the games developed by the MGA Group have a similar style of graphics and visual appeal. It's generally a high-quality style that looks like a type of hand-drawn animation, but the coloring and animation is pretty crisp. While they do not have 3D graphics like what you would find with some providers, they also don't have long loading times like some of the competition either. This provides players with a solid bit of visuals without any of the negatives that come from overly complicated graphics and sound.

Other Ventures

Aside from their selection of slots, MGA also has a lot of social media games and titles available on mobile applications. Their slots are all mobile-friendly, and you can play them on virtually any type of desktop or mobile device, even tablets. Because they focus on a lot of different types of gambling software, their slots aren't necessarily their primary concern, but they still look great and have solid gameplay values. Players will not be disappointed with these games when they log in and play, and with deals with online casinos like SlotsMillion, players have plenty of access to their titles as well.


The MGA Group has produced some very solid games, and their decades of experience in gambling in general have definitely helped them in this regard. With that having been said, their relatively small number of titles could be seen as a weakness if you don't take into account their land-based titles and all of the other types of content they've put out. Overall, games from this company are definitely worth checking out, and we have no problem whatsoever with recommending them. They are one of the iconic gambling content production companies from Spain, and with their long history, it's hard to see them not finding success in the years to come.