Northern Lights Gaming Software

The state of today's online slot industry is that many different smaller companies are able to produce high-quality titles that are then included on aggregator platforms for exposure to players. This is the business model for Northern Lights Gaming, a company founded in 2017. They have offices in both Manchester, England, and Stockholm, Sweden. They were founded by a few people who have an extensive background in the online slots industry, and they have a clear focus on exactly what it is that they would like to do in this business.

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Game Quality and Offering

Quality is the name of the game for a company that has this type of business structure and approach to the industry. Quantity isn't all that important because it's not what they are going to be judged on when they are put to the test by companies that run aggregation platforms that would include their titles. Along these lines, they are focused completely and totally on making the most high-quality titles they can, and their mission statement actually includes trying to make the absolute best high-end video slots that the industry has ever seen. It's pretty clear how serious they are about this.

From this, it would be pretty easy to extrapolate that they have not many games but that the games they do have are pretty good. If you were to make this guess, you would be exactly right. They have a very limited number of titles, but those titles are up there in quality with the absolute best that the industry has to offer as a whole. This includes both graphical presentation and feature sets in addition to the overall feel and cohesive experience that they provide for players.

Mobile Focus

While this company is focused largely on the UK market, one of their biggest advantages is that they are focused exclusively on titles that are mobile-friendly. They do optimize for both mobile and desktop, but they're putting players in a position where they can get in on the action with their titles with a variety of devices. Along this line of thought, you can play their games on Android, iOS and Blackberry in addition to various other types of mobile operating systems, and that goes for both smartphones and tablets as well.


This is a company with a great amount of potential. Northern Lights Gaming has the right team and the right attitude, and now all they need is time to let that play out so that they can produce more titles. Their selection is extremely limited, but those video slots they do have available shows exactly what they can do in the quality department. As they get more games under their belts, we have no doubt that all kinds of software platforms and operators will want to work for them because they're putting out the kind of content that players can't get enough of.