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Pirates Gold Studio is creating engaging slots since 2016. While it isn’t a long time on the igaming market, this provider already stands out with its quality. In the sea of developers, this studio is swimming against the current and always strives to innovation.

Boring, seen-too-many time themes aren’t something that you can encounter in the games of this provider. Even when the story revolves around the repetitive subject, it is presented in a completely new light. Like in the case with Pharaoh’s Secret Temple slot, where exploration of the ancient pyramids takes quite a different turn. 

 Speaking of its games
… this studio uses a creative and unique approach for their development. It takes both sides into consideration – the demands of the online operators and desires of the players. Focus is on delivering titles that will be interesting to users from every aspect. 

Company Milestones 

Once upon a time
… four veterans of the entertainment industry had the vision to revolutionize the gaming scene. Tired of the slot games that all look alike, they were bound to add the dash of fresh breeze in the mix. That desire led to the foundation of the company in 2016, which took the market by storm.

The company headed full steam ahead, and soon deliver its first product. Its debut was the title bursting from originality and innovation, turning the heads of the industry leaders.

Impressed by the studio’s unique approach to slot development, Pariplay didn’t hesitate to ink a partnership distribution agreement. This collaboration implied making the studio’s games available on all provider’s platforms and in online casinos of its partners.

From that point
… the company’s growth was swiftly, and now it has headquarters in the USA, Australia, and the Philippines. Multicultural team is enriched by the new talents, each one of them enriching the game making process with a special set of skills. 

As the first developer to have a skill-based match 3 games on the casino floor, this studio is constantly adding new upgrades and incorporate the latest technology trends in each new release. 

Pirates Gold Studio Product Tour

The mission of this provider is simple – creating innovative games with engaging gameplay and high playing experience.
So far, that mission is accomplished with flying colors.

Each of the developer games is better and more interesting than the last one. By creating an exciting backstory and combining it with superb graphics and exciting special features, the brand always brings something original to the table. 

Since that kind of dedication to authenticity is put in every release
… it isn’t surprising why the studio can’t brag with the wide title selection. In fact, its portfolio is quite modest so far, containing only the slot games. 

On the other hand
… while small in numbers, the games by this provider are unique masterpieces.
They capture the attention of the players instantly and become popular over the night like in the case of Barry the Disco Leprechaun.

The mere name of this slot is showcasing that its theme is not ordinary. Truthfully, all of the provider’s themes are a bit quirky, maybe even too strange for some. Whether you like it or not, one thing is for sure – they can’t go unnoticed

Due to superb graphics and recognizable design, it will be easy to spot the releases by this provider. The unorthodox theme, cartoonish animation, and vibrant colors truly make them stand out. These features don’t change when you switch from one device to the other. Products from this studio are completely mobile-friendly and available on all devices

Every title has a different level of volatility and RTP depending on the game category and target audience. Meaning both veteran players and beginners eager to practice for slot tournaments will find the release suiting for their playing preferences. 


This software provider is the true example that originality and uniqueness pay off.
Instead of using the proved methods of game creation and slowly progressing on the competitive gaming market, it rattles it from the core. Demonstrating that players are eager for the new slots with a twist.

By using proprietary and pioneering new math models for skill-based games…
… this studio represents the beacon of innovation and creativity.
Its products are authentic and original, at the same time providing the exquisite playing experience. Considering this is one of the youngest developers in the gaming market, its success is very admirable. 

Despite the fact that its portfolio is quite modest. Don’t expect the table or live dealer games, since the studio doesn’t make that type of games. It’s selection only contains the slot casino games and not a lot of them. 

… its small portfolio provides extraordinary playing experience, with thrilling gameplay and vast winning possibilities. They are visually captivating, even if you might don’t like them at first sight. 

Some of their themes can make you question your logic. Like why would the leprechaun with the name of Barry be a fan of the disco music? It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? That’s exactly the developer point – to create games that can’t won’t you indifferent.

This brilliant view of game making is precisely why the studio’s products are so engaging. It seems that wind of creativity has sailed the brand's boat right to the hidden treasure containing the recipe for creating astonishing games.

A dash of innovation, a pinch of originality with a spoon of technological upgrades, knowledge to mix all that together…
… and the game with superb playing experience is served. 

Due to its quality
… Pirate Gold Studios is conquering the stormy sea of the competitive gaming market.
There’s no telling what its new releases will bring, but according to previous ones, it surely will be something highly original. 

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