Reel Time Gaming Software

Reel Time Gaming, which sounds suspiciously like another company that goes by RTG, has been in operation since 2009. Their offices are located in Queensland, Australia, but they are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission for their online titles. They focus exclusively on slots, and they also have an extensive selection of land-based games that are available through traditional gaming cabinets that you might see in a variety of brick-and-mortar casinos.

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Land-based Start

When this company very first started making slots, they were all land-based, and this started up in 2009 as we mentioned above. One of the ways they were able to get an advantage in the marketplace almost immediately was by using gaming cabinets that had high technological specifications, which includes things like superior audio and video. However, it also included user interfaces that were particularly intuitive and easy to use. They would typically include a dozen or so games in a single cabinet, and they'd connect them in some way so that the unit itself would have some kind of unifying theme.

The Move to Online Games

In 2013, they made a deal with the GameAccount Network that allowed them to start porting their land-based titles over to the online sector. What really helped them out here was the fact that they had already based their games on high-definition graphics, largely helped by the superior tech specs that they offered in their cabinets. Their emphasis on having a strong user interface also came in handy, so they essentially set themselves up from the beginning to have an easy and successful transition over to the online market. Whether that was intentional or not is unclear, but that doesn't really matter so much to the player.

Online Slot Selection

As for the games they have available in Internet casinos, there are a few dozen titles overall that have been ported out of their overall selection of well over 100. They are regularly adding new games to their online portfolio, and virtually all of their releases are of a high quality. High-end graphics, smooth interfaces and games that cover a lot of different themes and concepts, many of which haven't really been used before in the industry, are what are waiting on players when they play with this developer.


If there is a weakness for Reel Time Gaming, it's that they haven't gotten the distribution in place for the online market on the level that they might prefer. There aren't a lot of online casino sites that have their games available, but the ones that do have them are of a high quality. As they make deals to get their titles in front of more players, the high-quality nature of their work is sure to get them more and more attention and put them in a position to grab an even larger part of the market.