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R. Franco Digital is the online arm of the Recreativos Franco Group, and they've been in operation since 2014. They're licensed in Spain, and they have their headquarters in Madrid. The group itself was founded in 1965, so they have more than five decades of experience when it comes to putting together great gaming options for players. This experience clearly gives them an advantage when it comes to offering online games and platforms

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The Move to Online Games

When this company moved to online games, they didn't just go to the casino side of things. They also deal with lottery games along with the arcade and bingo sectors. Their efforts are spread out quite a bit in the online world, but it's critical to realize one common point between everything they produce: quality. They're focused on quality more than anything else, and that's because a big part of their overall philosophy is that they will be dead in the water if they can't produce excellent games on a regular basis.

Slot Inspiration

What you'll find with their online slot selection is that it seems to cover a lot of the standard themes that you see in the industry as a whole. However, you also see quite a bit of innovation on the conceptual front, and a good example of that is with their "The Game of Chronos" line. This is obviously a play on the name of Game of Thrones, the popular television show, but they created a line of games based on their own motif with at least four titles in the series.

This level of depth in their game selection is what we're focusing on here. Most companies focus on giving players as wide of a range of titles as possible. They figure that the more types of themes they cover, the more of a chance they'll have to catch the interest of players. They're not wrong, but R. Franco goes in a different direction as well instead of just relying on the breadth of their available selection: They also give players plenty of depth, and you can see that with how deep the gameplay experiences go for their games.

Future Expansion

An important thing to realize about this company is that they probably understand the importance of strategic expansion more than most online software developers, largely due to all of their previous experience in the land-based sector. Along these lines, they're fairly aggressive about making new partners and getting their games in front of as many players as they can within regulated markets. They operate primarily in Spain, but they have deals going all over the world, and this level of expansion will continue because that's just what kind of company this is. As time goes forward, we completely expect this company to continue getting bigger with more games and an even larger reach than what they already have.

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