Side City Studios Software

Based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Side City Studios is a company that has been in operation since back in 1999, making them one of the oldest companies to still be producing games. With that having been said, they didn't enter the online casino space until much later in late 2016 to early 2017. They are not licensed in any particular jurisdiction, but they produce games in a way that they can easily adhere to licensing requirements for different software platforms that they make content distribution deals with.

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Game Selection

In terms of the types of games produced, this company only focuses on slots. That makes plenty of sense because there's not much of a market for new versions of the same table games these days, especially with so many live dealer table-style games available. That market is saturated to an extreme level, but there is always a market for new, high-quality online slots, and that's exactly what they focus on.

This is a company that also focuses on quality over quantity. They admittedly do not have many games, but the games they do have are of a particularly high quality both from a gameplay and a visual perspective. Side City Studios produces slots that fall almost completely within the medium-volatility range, and that generally comes from the fact that they combine balanced pay tables with a ton of features that tie up a lot of value. This makes their games appealing to a variety of different kind of online slot fans, and that puts them in a position to take on a larger following.

Notes on Visual Presentation

All of the games produced by this company have a certain type of visual style. That's not the say that they're all the same, because that's far from the truth, but you can tell that the way they produce things on a graphical level has been informed by all of the work they have done in video games and mobile apps leading up to their entry into the online casino space. This leads to a style of animation that stands out from what all you see in the industry overall, and while they have 3D elements, they don't "look 3D" in the way that a lot of other online slots do.


The bottom line is that this is a company that does an excellent job in putting together high-quality online slots. They don't have the largest selection of games, but that doesn't matter with the state of the industry. They've been able to make big deals that have put their games in front of tons of players, and they continue to release new titles that get great reviews. Overall, they're a solid option for players who are looking for games that they will be likely to enjoy, no matter their particular preferences.