Skywind Software

The Skywind Group has been in operation since 2012. They have become known for their social gaming, casino gaming and other types of video play, and they have a lot of interests in several different sectors. Online casino fans will know them for their games that show up partnered at many Playtech-powered sites, and those games cover lots of themes and concepts. Their headquarters is in the Isle of Man, but they have five other offices in Cyprus, Latvia, the Ukraine, the Philippines, Australia and Belarus.

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Online Slot Selection

Players who have heard of Skywind before are most likely to be people who have tried their games. This is easy to understand because most of their titles are pretty memorable. They make games with extremely strong graphics, and they cover such a wide variety of motifs with great visual presentations and gameplay elements that it's hard to forget them. You'll also find a larger range of different types of features in their slots, and that's really important because players will get bored and unmotivated quickly if all of a developer's games have the same old bonus features.

HTML5 Platform

Something that has helped this company to make big distribution deals that have gotten their games in front of thousands of players is the fact that they have developed all of their titles in HTML5. This means that their games "play well with others" in the sense that they can be added to existing platforms pretty easily, and that's exactly what platforms look for when adding games. Without this, fewer players would have enjoyed their games, and they would have a much lower level of popularity than what they have now.

Distribution Agreements

Because of how aggressive they have been with their partnerships, they've made deals with a lot of pretty important names. Playtech is a major one that comes to mind, but they also have deals with Arcedia, Topedge, GamesOS, Lionplay, paymaxs and others. This level of strategic partnership shows that they really have what it takes on the business side as well as the game development side, and that's sometimes just as big of a deal as having high-quality content available. Without the ability to get their games in front of players, it wouldn't matter if they have the best-looking and most fun titles in the world because no one would ever find out about them.


This company makes some pretty high-end online slots and other games in various sectors, but it's the slots that casino fans will know and love. They are very good on the business end of things as well, so they really have every aspect of the business down pat. They seem to always be expanding and giving players more options while giving operators better back-end support, and that's the type of thing that will keep a company like this relevant for a very long time.