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STHML is short for Stockholm, which is where the company is based in. This Swedish gaming company is following in the footsteps of several other giant gaming companies that have emerged from the country. They have not yet quite gained similar size as companies like NetEnt, though with their high-quality releases it seems to only be a matter of time.

Like many other modern gaming companies, the core team at STHML Gaming is a collection of industry professionals. They came together in 2016 to establish the company, with the aim of pushing out enchanting slots. Their release schedule started out slow but has recently ramped up to quite a pace. STHML Gaming mainly produces slots.

sthlm gaming software

Smart All Devices - what’s that then?

It wasn’t too long ago that mobile gaming was all the rage, going as far as specialized apps. STHML Gaming has taken a step backfrom that, deciding that it’s better to make sure that the games are run well on all devices. The Smart All Devices technology automatically adapts the games to whatever softwareand hardware you are running: laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, portrait mode orlandscape mode. Whatever suits you best is the best way for you to play.

This is not just a software solution. Part of making sure that the games run well is comingup with an interface that lets the players play without any added hassle. Whetheryou’re clicking or swiping, there’s a solution for you here that won’t leave you disappointed.

Sorry, there are no casinos by STHLM Gaming available in your country. Try these casinos instead.

Simplicity and big wins

Two of the main design principles behind STHML Gaming slots are easy playing and chasing big wins. It’s hard to argue against the effectiveness of these, as it is pretty much what all gamers are after easy entertainment with a chance of scoring once in a lifetime prize(big enough to challenge all other slots sans progressive jackpots).

The main attraction, however, is that these two features do not come at the expense of anything else. Sure enough, if you are into low volatility games then STHML slots might not be the thing for you. But if you enjoy a variety of special features, if you are looking for ten pay lines or a hundred, or if you just want to experience excellent graphics and sound effects, then these games are all worth a look. The slow release schedule we mentioned before is not due to laziness, but because the company spends a considerable amount oftime perfecting their games. They might look simple and play out simple, but the experience is quite wholesome.


It’s hard to find anything negative to say about the company and its games. Perhaps the only negative thing that can be said is that the games are not widely available, but that too is fast changing. The slots offer a near-perfect experience in the field that they represent, and you should definitely give them a go.

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