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Storm Gaming Technology is one of many companies that focuses primarily on land-based casino games but that also got into the online sector. They've been producing titles since 2002, but they have been involved in the online sector for around a decade less than that. Their offices are located in Shropshire in the United Kingdom, but they have licenses to operate their land-based titles in several countries, including Belgium, Croatia, Holland, Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom, but their online reach is much smaller

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Online Slot Development

What this company has done is what many developers of land-based games do. They have taken several of their most popular games and ported them over to the online environment. This is incredibly smart because it allows them to leverage all of the marketing and research they've done since 2002 on games for a different audience, and the end result has been pretty good. Instead of just throwing games together en masse, they've focused on making sure they only bring games that look great for online play with solid gameplay to be competitive with other online developers.

Quality and Quantity

Choosing which titles they port over to their online product brings up an important point when it comes to quality and quantity. They have a few thousand games in total across all of their products, but they have fewer than 100 that have been moved over to the online sector. One reason for this is that it takes resources to do the port, but another reason is that they only want to focus on quality for the online side of things. While 80+ games is pretty reasonable for an online company, it's only a couple of a percentage points of their total portfolio, and they deserve some respect for that level of restraint.

Mobile Development

Something particularly interesting about this developer is that they have a strong set of mobile games that's somewhat separate from the online sector. The reason for this is that many land-based casinos have online play available for players who are near the actual grounds of the casino. What's so interesting about this is that it gave them experience with developing mobile titles parallel to developing games for the online market, so they were already prepared to make all of their online releases available for mobile.

Our Thoughts

With Storm Gaming Technology, you're dealing with a company that has an extensive background with slots on all available channels, and they work well with Playtech and their own omni channel approach. Because they're able to produce such great content for online players by drawing from their land-based repertoire, it's hard to imagine them putting out many games that don't get at least a decent reaction and level of popularity in the Internet casino space. Overall, we like what they have to offer, and their success in the online world has proven that players in general like what they have to offer as well.

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