TaDa Gaming Software

TaDa Gaming emerged around 2019, ready with a batch of games that covered everything from bingo to slots, crash games, and fishing games. Such a wide variety of games, available in surprising numbers, is possible because the company is in fact the online arm brand of International Games Systems. The parent company is based in Taiwan, and centred around Asian markets.

This company is basically the online brand for the larger corporation, aiming for worldwide recognition. For this purpose they have also set up in Malta, holding the local licence. The games are also tested by Gaming Labs and bmm. Combined with their great range of products, you can be sure to see these games on most major online casinos in no time.

Classic Casino Games

Let’s start with what you can find from most other producers: slots. From the start screens to the reels, the graphics are definitely a plus, often almost crossing into the domain of animations. Music and other audio effects are not quite in the same ballpark, though that doesn’t mean they are bad by any means.

Some Popular Slots:

  • Master Tiger
  • Wild Ace
  • Neko Fortune
  • World Cup

These slots tend to rely on the standard setup when it comes to the number of reels and rows, but do break away from any sort of monotony by ensuring that a different number of paylines or ways to win are used. Wins enjoy from a wide range of possibilities too, with the top wins counting into the thousands.

When it comes to special features there aren’t all that many surprises in store. Steady wins the race, and TaDa Gaming does a pretty good job with familiar bonuses, from spins to pots and multipliers. Each game does usually offer two to three separate features, often aiming to dish out the biggest wins.

You can also count in video bingo, card games, and other table games in this category. Likewise, they enjoy excellent execution when it comes to details and gameplay, but don’t really offer anything new when compared to the mass of games already available.

The New Wave of Casino Games

The slots might be the most popular games, but at the pace the company is pushing out new types of casino games that might not be the case for long. There are a lot more fresh ideas in the mix, and surprising ways of playing games.

Crash games and arcade games are the two most important categories. The latter is also known as fishing games. These games give the player a lot more in the way of choice, even if that choice doesn’t directly affect your chance of winning. Games like Bombing Fishing, Crazy Hunter, and GoRush tend to leave it up to the player when to cash out. These games also tend to be much faster in pace. Whilst they do come with a possibility of massive wins, your normal game is much more suited for small bets and small wins.

Bonus Tools

Together with the set of games, which offers both innovative and classic casino gaming, the company has come up with some bonus and promotional tools that allow players and participating casinos alike some extra options.

These engagement tools allow online casinos to offer bonus cash and bonus spins, which isn’t really newsworthy by itself in this day and age. But, what does stand out is their custom-built tournament tool. This allows online casinos to configure a variety of different goals for slot tournaments, whilst at the same time adding awards and missions. More importantly, there is the possibility to add in linked jackpots.


TaDa Gaming, and its parent company, are certainly on the move to make their presence felt worldwide. It might take some time for the games to be available in your favourite casinos, but they are definitely getting there. Especially as some of these casino games offer viewpoints and setups that simply aren’t available anywhere else.

At the same time, the company is building a support framework that seems to be scalable. This means that not only do you get bonuses for these games, but it’s likely that stuff like the tournament system can be leveraged to offer network promotions amongst other things.

Take a look at what’s on offer, and learn all about crash games and entertaining fast casino games!

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