Wirex Gaming Software

Wirex Gaming is an online casino software developer who first launched in 1996. They have been around for essentially the entire length of the history of the online gambling industry, and their offices are located in Italy. While they started off focusing on an Italian audience, they eventually expanded to focus on English-speaking players as well, and this drastically increased the size of their target audience. They have a lot to offer players, and they take a little bit of a different approach than most of the competition.

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Live Dealer Games

One of the things that stands out about Wirex is their live dealer games. They offer roulette, Baccarat and blackjack live dealer tables around the clock, and because they have 24/7 games, this gives them an advantage over a lot of the competition in terms of game availability. These games allow you to chat with the other players and the dealer, which creates a social atmosphere that a lot of players miss out on when they play online. This allows players to get the best of the online and land-based games without any of the major disadvantages..

Online Slots

Wirex has a somewhat limited number of online slots. They tend to focus on their live dealer offering, but they do have a handful of different slot games available. Overall, they aren't going to win any awards for being the most high-quality titles out there, but they do have decent enough graphics, and the features and pay tables give them strong gameplay values. It's nice that they have rounded out their game selection in this way since most companies known for live dealer games don't expand into other forms of more traditional online casino titles.

Instant Play Platform

Wirex is designed from the ground up to have a high level of flexibility. They have achieved this by focusing on their instant play platform, which means you can connect from a computer no matter what operating system you have or what type of computer you own. As long as you have a web browser, you're in good shape to connect and play. It's worth noting that this makes their platform mobile-friendly as well for smartphones and tablets that have an updated Internet browser.

An important aspect of this instant play platform is that all of their titles are easily added to online casino sites that already have games from different providers. This idea of their software "playing well with others" is pretty important, and it's a critical part of how the online casino world works now since most of the top sites have titles from multiple developers. This has allowed Wirex to get their games in front of a lot of players, and it has allowed them to see a lot more growth than companies who force operators to only use one software provider.