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yoloplay_software (1)Yoloplay was founded in 2015. They are a mobile-oriented company, with headquarters in the USA. The company is best classified as an independent gaming studio, as they take their time publishing well-polished slots. Their collection might be small, but it’s full of quality titles. This is evident by the fact that the games are available in a wide spectrum of online casinos.

The company isn’t afraid to experiment with the latest technology or with innovations. Each of their games stands out as a unique slot, that at the very least you should try in demo mode. The high return to player figures certainly isn’t a hindrance to popularity. For a small team they have done an exceedingly good job.

Certified by Gaming Laboratories

All the games are certified by Gaming Laboratories. This is a third-party company that tests the functionality of the games, as well as ascertains all additional documentation. This ensures that the games are fit for all jurisdictions, and the technical things like random number generators work as they should.

Wonders and treasures

It’s quite a small sampling, to say the least, but something still can be said about the themes found in Yoloplay slots. Historical subjects play a significant role, with ancient empires, their treasures and legendary riches being a clear favourite of the team, Shang Dynasty is a good example of this. The deep seas and other intriguing locations play a role too, with basic classic reelplay also present.

Overall, the graphics and artwork go quite deep. It does a wonderful job for the slot, with the graphics in such good order that it would be hard to name another company that could do better. Rich animations bring plenty of action and effects on the screen, whereas the comforting music will keep you upbeat. The combination of everything working perfectly makes these slots worth your while.

Lotto, Keno and Bingo

Besides slots the company is also familiar with number games. Lotto and keno are the purest form of these, and often unavailable in most casinos. Though the latter is starting to be present through some live-casino providers. The bingo games are more widely available.

Where do all the games go then? Well, the real expertise and the reason behind their amazing slots is the fact that the company is...

...producing games and platforms for others

One reason for the wide availability and the vast network of partners, is that the company is very useful when it comes to slot design and software expertise. Other companies, be that online casinos or game producers, use their services in this regard. This is where most of the lotto, keno and bingo games go, with nary any left to be called truly their own games.

We hope that in the future there will be more and more titles polished and pushed out. So far the only real downside of this company is the small number of games available for play.

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