Zitro Software

Zitro mainly produces bingo games for online casinos. Probably because of this they are not widely known, even though they have been in operation since 2007. They are not part of the old guard, companies that started producing games in the ’90s, but they are no newcomer either. Clearly, they have plenty of experience and know-how. The company has headquarters in Luxembourg.

The company is very heavily invested in Latin America, which is a market that is growing fast. This is something that might very well allow the company to climb into the big leagues in a matter of years. Given that the company is strong in Spain, with a presence in countless gaming halls, they are perhaps the company best suited to try and conquer the overseas markets.

Is Zitro a big deal in the online casinos?

Spain and Latin America are clearly within their reach, but what about the rest of the world? And what about online casinos? The company has only been building slots since 2016, so this is a bit of a new area for them. Despite this, their games have started popping up in lots of different online casinos. The company has been gradually shifting its aim towards the international markets and especially European markets.

Recently they have made with Playtech a partnership deal which will certainly bring their slots a lot more visibility. They have also teamed up with educational institutes, which might not bring them any players but does cement their influence in the industry. It’s safe to say that the company is growing at a steady pace.

Passion and innovation lead the way

It’s always a good idea to take a look at what the company is saying about itself. In the case of Zitro, they swear in the name of passion, innovation, team spirit, quality, and compromise. The last one of these virtues is a bit strange, but apparently, it means that the company is ready to take over the world as a leading online slot producer. What this all boils down to is having a vision and a mission to execute it.

Slots and bingo games

Zitro started producing slot games in 2016 under the brand BRYKE. Before this, they had mainly concentrated on bingo games. When it comes to bingo games Zitro is probably the worldwide leader. These games are not, for one reason or another, very popular in Europe, but rule the casinos on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

So far the company has mostly concentrated on building cabinets for your traditional gaming halls. Lately, a lot of the slot games from these plus a few special cases have also made it to online casinos. Mostly you are going to find bingo games though.

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