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New Tacos Bros Slot Previewed by Elk Studios


Different themes in online slots have been done so many times that players get bored with them. The bank heist theme is typically one of those themes, but what happens with some online casino software companies is that they figure out how to put a major twist on the game's theme to make players more interested than they would have been normally. The upcoming Taco Bros online slot by Elk Studios is a good example of a bank heist slot that's completely different.

How Tacos Bros Stands Out

The graphical style of Tacos Bros stands out initially because bank heist games normally have a more "realistic" feel that often comes across as taking themselves too seriously. This new online slot by Elk Studios doesn't have that problem. Instead, it uses the 1881 Mexican setting as an opportunity to use cartoonish graphics that feel fun and playful without being silly, a mark that's often missed in this particular industry. From what can be seen of the game so far, it looks like they've achieved the right balance.

Historical and Familial Context

Something else that really makes this game stand out in terms of titles with a bank heist theme is that it has a much different historical context. Almost every single game with this theme is set in something resembling present day times. By going back around a century and a half, everything changes, and they've taken advantage of this newfound flexibility by using high-quality graphics for all of their symbols, many of which you wouldn't typically find. Also, by making this game about three brothers instead of random partners who come together to commit a crime, it adds another layer of fun because of the possibilities for tying that into features and graphics.

Feature Set

While every detail about this game isn't quite known yet, what is known is that the main plot of Tacos Bros is that the three brothers Paso, Pepe and Pico are trying to blow up a bank safe through a secret tunnel. This is a goofy plan that ties into the Wild Escape bonus feature and the Running Wilds feature. Free spins and re-spins with multipliers are also coming up somewhere in the mix, and the payout structure offers a lot for different types of players. This game is slated for release on September 9.

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