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£2.5 Million Paid By Red Tiger Daily Drop


Launched in April of 2019, the Red Tiger Daily Drop Jackpot has become a huge hit at major online and mobile casinos. It's become the fastest-growing jackpot product in the history of Red Tiger Gaming and has so far paid out over £2.5 million.

The Daily Drop Jackpot must be won each day and a lucky Betsson player claimed the biggest prize this July when he had a £2 stake on the classic Dragon's Luck slot. He hit the jackpot and scooped a massive win of £61,500. 

This hugely successful jackpot is carried across all Red Tiger Gaming slots at some of the top casinos. It gives all players the chance to land a progressive jackpot payout and as it must be won each day, the odds of claiming it are improved. 

Total prizes paid out by Red Tiger Gaming in 2019 now exceed £70 million. In just four months, the Daily Drop Jackpot has reached the £2.5 million level and it continues to grow in popularity with players and casino operators alike. 

“The Daily Drop Jackpot Network has truly caught the imagination of the players and we’re absolutely delighted with its performance since we went live earlier this year. The product is an exciting addition to our portfolio.''

Carl Ejlertsson, Business Development Director at Red Tiger

Source - Press Release - Red Tiger Daily Drop Jackpot network pays over £2.5 million since April. 7th August 2019

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by Arthur Arthur