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Arrow's Edge Releases New Dodge City Slot


The Wild West is a theme that has been used before a number of times in online slots. Arrow's Edge has taken their shot at using this theme in their newest release, and it's called Dodge City. This game has a format that balances action with a reasonable volatility, and it has features that make sense for the theme of the game.

What Dodge City Has to Offer

This game has five reels, three rows and 10 paylines of action. While some games have more paylines than this, you'll get the opportunity to have more flexible bet sizes with this layout, so there's a bit of a trade-off. Moreover, players get a chance to pick up 15 free spins with three of the scatter symbol of the woman Sally. During that free spin bonus round, you can pick up whiskey glasses for additional free spins and multipliers on your wins. This is a fairly basic feature, but it's worked out in a way that really fits the concept.

Outlaw Bonus Feature

One of the key things that sets Dodge City apart from other generic Wild West-themed games is that it is based on a real place and some of the real people who were there. Wyatt Earp makes an appearance in this game, for example, and three or more of him will take you to a bonus feature. In this Outlaw Bonus round, you'll have an opportunity to help Earp shoot the outlaws and save the town in the process. You'll get up to five outlaws removed from action, and you get paid for each.

Progressive Jackpots and More

The biggest prizes in this game come from the progressive jackpots. There are two different progressives, and you can win over $40,000 with one and over $2,000 with the other. These are on top of the 10,000x top prize in the regular game. What's clear is that Arrow's Edge put a focus on big payouts and a lot of action with Dodge City, but they've done so in a way that keeps the volatility from getting out of hand. That fits the Wild West theme pretty well.


Press Release, Dodge City Slots, December 5, 2016

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