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Google to Beta Test AdWords for Social Casino Games


Google has recently posted a notice saying that they are planning on supporting AdWords for social casino games on their search engine.  

They are currently looking for companies to take part in the beta testing; however, they are some rules to be able to take part.  First of all, the beta testing will only be in English and, therefore, all the ads, apps and sites they are advertising must also be in English.  Secondly, they class social casino games as simulated gambling games such as; slots, sports betting, card games, bingo and lottery games where you cannot win anything worth any value.

If you would like to apply to take part in the test, then you have to be the operator of the games or an agency that represents the operator.  That is not all though, as you must also already be an existing AdWords customer who has had no previous violations to any of Google’s policies.


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by Kelly Kelly