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Thai Police Accused of Kidnapping Gambling Operators


Police in Thailand have announced that they are investigating a case of police corruption involving the kidnapping of South Korean illegal online gaming operators. 

The police officers under investigation will have to answer charges that they held South Koreans whom they arrested for online gambling, demanding 2 million baht to release them. Commenting on the matter Lt General Prawut Thawornsiri said, "Their supervisor has already been instructed to summon them to testify. If they are found guilty, they will face harsh legal action.”

Investigators had heard that the South Koreans had been kidnapped, but when they arrived at the apartment complex where they were supposedly being held, nothing was found. Shortly thereafter though, the three kidnapped South Koreans were found in a shopping complex after paying a portion of their ransom.

Police are investigated the matter and will release further statements as they learn more. 


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by Dustin Dustin