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Nektan CEO Resigns Without Warning


Business relationships in the online gambling world tend to be a bit more volatile than many other forms of business. Nektan found this out the hard way when their CEO David Gosen announced that he is resigning his post to look into other business opportunities. This was completely expected, and no one would have really predicted that he would quit this post after being in it for just a year. As you can imagine, this has shaken up the company quite a bit.

About His Replacement

David Gosen's replacement as CEO will be Gary Shaw, the executive chairman. He will hold the interim CEO position until the company can find a new replacement. It's not clear what kind of business Gosen plans to go into because he hasn't made any public statements about what he's going to be doing next. What is clear is that Shaw has a ton of responsibility that's been dumped on his plate, and it'll be interesting to see how Nektan handles this as their beginning to the new year.

Nektan's Future

Nektan is known for producing high-quality online games. They tend to focus on the mobile sector, but their B2B services can be applied to virtually all platforms. This flexibility has given them a fairly swift increase in market share over the past 18 months, and it seemed like they were just building up the momentum they needed to have their best year yet when Gosen resigned. This was largely unexpected, and he gave no indication that he was considering leaving the company prior to this.

Along these lines, Nektan is going to have to take this in stride and correct their course if they want to make sure that this is a strong year. If they don't handle it well, and if the replacement CEO ends up being a poor choice, then they could squander all of the progress they've made and the momentum they've built up over the past year and a half.

For now, we'll have to wait and see what happens with all of this. Chances are that they will have a new CEO by this summer, and that will put industry experts in a much better position to evaluate their chances for having a strong 2016. There's also the possibility that Shaw stays in that role, but it's unlikely because of how important his current position is.

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