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Spanish Gaming License Awarded to Amatic


Spain was one of the first countries to regulate the online gambling industry in Europe, and they've had some of the tightest regulations since day one. Getting a license there is tough from both a strategic standpoint and from the perspective of having extremely strong security and software values. Amatic Industries was recently able to acquire a Spanish online gambling license, which is a big deal for the company.

Games on the Spanish Market

A couple of dozen games from Amatic are now available on the Spanish market. An exact total of 27 are available right off the bat, and more can be available in the future as a part of this deal. The games that they now have live in Spain include Bells on Fire, Diamond Cats and Arising Phoenix, all of which have gotten great receptions because of how high-quality they are. This whole ordeal goes to show that great games and solid companies are rewarded with expansion opportunities in this industry, which is the cornerstone of growth for online gambling.

The Strategic Expansion Game

Ever since different countries like France and Spain first started regulating the online gambling industry, the shape of the industry as a whole has changed. Expansion is now just as much about strategy as it is about putting out a good product. That's why you see companies getting bought out and other business deals happening along these lines just so software developers can get their foot into these segregated markets. This is what allows for access to players who want to enjoy their games, and it's been a necessary part of the industry as a whole for around a decade now.

About Amatic Industries

Amatic has been producing high-quality content for online casinos for quite a while. They're known for using a variety of different themes and feature types in their games, and that helps to mix things up in an industry where there's not a lot of creativity at times. Players are heavily drawn towards their titles, and that's why their announcement that they have been awarded a Spanish license is such good news for players in Spain. Overall, they will most likely continue to grow along these lines because the quality of their content is outstanding, and their business strategy is strong as well.


Press Release, Amatic Receives Spanish Online Gaming License, June 29, 2017

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