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Rock On With Blueprint Gamings Spinal Tap Slot


This is Spinal Tap is a new slot from Blueprint Gaming that's based on the classic movie of the same name. Fans of this hilarious mockumentary will be able to experience the mis-adventures of Nigel Tufnel, Davis St. Hubbins and Derek Smalls all over again as the fun is dialled all the way up to 11.

Rocking Out With Spinal Tap

In the base games, this is a 243 Ways to Win slot that has 5 reels filled with images of the band, along with playing card symbols in a heavy metal style and the famous dial that goes up to 11 to one side of the game. Stobe lighting highlights the action, reflecting off their mullets hairstyles and bringing their songs from the Smell the Glove album to life. Players will feel like they are right in the mosh pit as they trigger the Rock Mode and see 7 reels with 2187 Ways to Win across them.

Going Extra Wild

The band logo is a wild symbol and when a spinning turntable stops with the needle in the right place, extra wilds are added to the reels for even greater chance to claim wins. But the action reaches fever pitch when the VIP Pass triggers up to 11 free spins, with access to a superbet mode and where modifier symbols can create multiple winnings. 

Rocking Out On Multiple Devices

This is Spinal Tap can be played on desktop and mobile platforms. It's been licensed by StudioCanal SAS and brings the band back in great style, with exciting gameplay and high returns. 

This is Spinal Tap is a cult classic and we’re confident our adaptation of the film will appeal to the masses. David, Nigel and Derek all feature as we take it up to 11 for a deafening experience

Jo Purvis, Director of Marketing and Relationships at Blueprint Gaming


''Blueprint Gaming rocks out with This is Spinal Tap'' www.blueprintgaming/news 28th June, 2018

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