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Corporate Financier Says Online Gambling In U.S.A Will Evolve Slowly


Online gaming will benefit from more regulation and will roll out slowly, on a state-by-state basis, likely under the regulatory framework already established in these states for traditional land-based gaming.

Steve Epperly, Senior Director of Corporate Finance – Gaming at CIT Group.

Steve Epperly, a Senior Director of Corporate Finance – Gaming at CIT Group has recently shared some of his insights during CIT’s latest question and answer Executive Spotlight series.

He was asked his opinion on the commercial gaming sector in the U.S.A, which resulted in him revealing that he thinks that the increase in the number of American states looking into legalising internet gambling is due to the fact they would rather their residents gamble in their own state, then travel to adjacent states to gamble.  He also believes that online gambling will roll out slowly on a state by state basis, unless the government decides to legalise it on a federal level; however, this seems very unlikely at this moment in time.


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by Kelly Kelly