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Realistic Games Launch Mobile Keno


Realistic Games were looking at the current games available in the mobile gambling industry, and they believed that there wasn’t a high enough quality Keno game available for people to play on the go.

There are very few mobile Keno games available on the market, but we weren’t convinced that the ones that exist were presented as effectively as they could be, so we invested some time creating our own.

Andy Harris, commercial director of Realistic Games.

They decided to fix this problem, and have created a Keno game that will be available to play not only on supported smartphones, but on tablets too.  This 80 ball Keno game works similar to the lottery, where you are given a set of preselected numbers.  You then have to try and match these numbers to the Keno ball drawn in as few balls as possible.

Players can customise the game to their own individual playing style; by selecting the numbers themselves, changing the speed the balls are drawn by or even by selecting the auto play feature.

Realistic Games are also planning to launch this game onto their desktop software program.

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by Kelly Kelly