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Three Illegal Online Gambling Shops Shut In Ohio


It’s illegal to be paid cash for gaming. Any amount of cash. Any cash payout is illegal and these locations were paying out in cash

Jeff Solic, commander of the Mahoning Valley Law Enforcement Task Force

Just last month, the authorities in Steubenville, Ohio seized over $1.5 Million in cash that was made by illegal gambling.  Ohio has had problems with illegal gambling since the state decided to change the law.

Last week, the Mahoning Valley Law Enforcement team raided three internet cafes in Austintown, Ohio.  Since December 2013, the authorities had been running an undercover investigation that showed that an illegal online gambling ring was being run in the town.  The bust was a success, as they confiscated 38 different gaming terminals, piles of cash and betting slips from three premises in Austintown. No arrests have yet been made; however, they are still looking for the internet cafe owner.


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by Kelly Kelly