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NYX Gaming Group Adds Free Casino Rounds to Poker


In the online gambling world, there's often a crossover between different types of gambling. We've seen this somewhat recently when the NYX Gaming Group purchased the Ongame Poker Network. While some people only prefer poker, others prefer other types of gambling as well, so this crossover can be pretty important. NYX is going to be taken advantage of this crossover in a new way from here on how since they have announced a system of achievements and rewards for players on the Ongame Poker Network who will be able to win free rounds at casino games.

How These Free Casino Rounds Work

The basic idea behind this rewards system is that players will be given certain challenges to meet. When players complete the tasks needed to meet these challenges, they will be alerted and given different options for getting free casino bets. This is a cool way to reward players that goes beyond what's typical in the industry right now in terms of bonuses and rewards points. In fact, this is one of the more interactive systems that we've seen in the industry so far, and that makes it a pretty big deal in the grand scheme of things. If this works out, then it could change how poker rooms reward players on a larger scale.

The Social Factor

Something we're seeing from NYX with this approach is that it brings in aspects of the social factor that we've seen in video games and other types of online gaming situations, especially with social gaming. Achievements and challenges are essentially a system of tasks set up to give players goals to aim for with their play. This level of increased interaction helps to give players something to shoot for over and over again, and it lowers the levels of monotony that can come from players sticking to their favorites all the time.

Because online poker already has a strong community with chat boxes, forums and the like, this achievements system for Ongame really just adds to that. Now players can brag about the different free casino rounds they've earned and the achievements they have locked into, and this can become a major conversation point. This is why the social factor is so important for this move by NYX.

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