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Reel Force 5 Game Debuts by CORE Gaming


There are basically two different types of online casino games out there. The first is built up off of a theme that comes from an existing brand like a television show, movie, comic book, video game or other type of media. The second type, however, it build around a brand that the software company themselves have developed. Each type has it advantages and disadvantages, but the latter usually has stronger gameplay values since the developers know they can't rely on a popular brand to carry the title.

Enter Reel Force 5

The new Reel Force 5 is a good example of the second type of game. This title centers around five different super heroes who form a team to face Baron Lightfinger, the bad guy of the situation. This game was first released on Sky Vegas mobile, and it's a part of a special set of proprietary games by CORE Gaming that will be released this year. What's pretty cool is the way that this theme has been used to drive the gameplay of the title itself.

Character-Driven Features

In Reel Force 5, all five super heroes have their own superpowers. These powers can be used to cause changes to the reels so that players can get extra payouts. What's more is that Lightfinger is always waiting just around the corner to try to take your winnings away, but the Reel Force 5 won't let that happen. Appropriately enough, this game has five different features, and you'll get a choice of the ones you play when a bonus round is triggered. The main thing that changes in the choices for the free spins is the volatility.

In short, you can get a few free spins with big bonuses like multipliers, or you can get many more free spins with fewer bonuses. The latter will give you a smoother experience with fewer swings, but the former has the potential for the largest wins possible in the game.

CORE Deployment

Something that's really important about CORE Gaming is that they use HTML5 for their titles, and this means that all play is based around a single version of the game. This makes things much more efficient, and it shows that they're really looking ahead to the future.

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