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Red Rake Showcasing Games at EXPOJOC


Marketing is a key part of any online casino software company's strategy. Getting players excited for new releases and looking forward to them helps to build a better industry for everyone when high-quality content is being produced, and that's exactly what Red Rake Gaming did last week at EXPOJOC for the third year in a row by showing off their newest slots.

The Newest Red Rake Titles

There were three key titles showcased by Red Rake Gaming at this event. The first is Ryan O'Bryan and the Celtic Fairies. It uses an enchanted forest theme with a bit of an Irish twist and lots of fairies that will help you to take down some sizable wins. Also shown were Valencia and Wilcano. Wilcano in particular is important because it uses circular reels under their Orbital Reels moniker, which is an innovative way of structuring the games that we haven't seen before.

Industry Trade Shows

Trade shows like EXPOJOC are pretty important to the industry as a whole because it gives people a chance to see what's coming up from some of the biggest names in the business. It also gives companies an opportunity to showcase what they have been working on, even if it's not available to the public just yet, and we've seen a lot of innovations like virtual reality casino games come through in recent years with their debut at events like this one. They're a key part of the industry as a whole, and it's always exciting to see what happens at them.

About Red Rake Gaming

Red Rake Gaming is one of the companies that is a part of the "new guard" when it comes to online casino games. They have focused on quality instead of quantity, and this has helped their games to build an incredibly strong following in the industry because they are pushing the envelope on what's considered normal for online slots. It's cool to see a company like this showcasing what they have coming up next, and it was one of the highlights of the EXPOJOC event overall.


Press Release, Red Rake Gaming Will Attend EXPODJOC and Will Be Exhibiting Their Newest Games, June 10, 2017

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