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Elysium VIP: A Fresh Take on Classic Slot Gaming


Elysium Studios, in partnership with Swintt, is excited to unveil their latest creation, Elysium VIP. This new slot integrates the time-honored feel of classic slot games with innovative, modern features. Set against a vibrant, summer-themed backdrop filled with dazzling gemstones, Elysium VIP aims to provide an enthralling gaming experience, blending the old with the new in its gameplay and aesthetics.

Engaging Gameplay with Expanding Reels

The essence of Elysium VIP lies in its ability to mix traditional symbols such as playing card suits, cherries, bells, and the much-loved lucky seven with an exciting new gameplay dynamic. Introducing diamond wild symbols plays a pivotal role, with each appearance triggering a respin while the wilds become sticky. This increases the potential for winning combinations and can expand the gameboard when two or more are landed adjacently, adding columns and enlarging win opportunities. Achieving diamond wilds across all three reels expands the board to its full 5x3 size, maximizing the chances for substantial payouts. As the game progresses, further sticky wilds continue to appear, prolonging the action and enhancing the excitement with each spin.

Innovative Design for Increased Player Engagement

Elysium VIP is not just about its expanding reels and sticky wilds; the slot also focuses heavily on player engagement through its design. Every spin promises high anticipation and the prospect of grand rewards, merging familiar slot elements with new, compelling game mechanics. This strategic partnership between Elysium Studios and Swintt exemplifies their commitment to revitalizing the classic slot experience with modern touches that appeal to a broad audience.

David Mann, CEO of Swintt, commented, 'It's always exciting to see what kind of twist a dynamic provider like Elysium Studios can put on a classically-themed title – and in Elysium VIP, the team have come up trumps by combing familiar symbols and sounds with their own signature re-spin feature. In doing so, they've created a release that will appeal to traditional slot fans and modern players alike, making it a must-have addition to any operator's game lobby'.


''Swintt’s Elysium Studios adds some sparkle to players’ spins in Elysium VIP'' Press Release. June 25, 2024.

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