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REEVO Partners with 7Mojos to Transform Online Gaming Experiences


REEVO, a prominent B2B provider devoted to advancing the online casino industry, has announced a significant alliance with 7Mojos, a Bulgarian firm recognized for its cutting-edge gaming solutions. This collaboration aims to propel both entities to new heights globally. Both REEVO and 7Mojos share a commitment to enhancing the gaming experiences, ensuring they continue to surpass player expectations worldwide.

Mutual Benefits from Collaboration

This alliance brings together REEVO's extensive array of appealing casino games with 7Mojos' advanced gaming products, promising an improved gaming experience for users. Acknowledged for their innovative and engaging solutions, REEVO and 7Mojos are set to provide unforgettable gaming encounters.

Stefan Enchev, Chief Commercial Officer at 7Mojos, expressed optimism about the partnership, stating, “We are strengthening our network of partners and demonstrating the dedication to providing a wide range of products to players by joining forces with REEVO. We are excited about the opportunity with REEVO and anticipate a fruitful relationship that will benefit both businesses.”

Expanding Network and Innovative Offerings

Since stepping into the vibrant iGaming industry, REEVO has caught the attention of many gaming enthusiasts and forged numerous partnerships with key players in the industry. These collaborations have included ties with companies like Digitain, introducing over 40 games across diverse platforms. The list of partners also includes notable names like G.Games and Peter & Sons, among others. The gaming titles from REEVO, such as Ra’s Expansion and Electro Goals, continue to captivate with rich narratives and dynamic features.

Looking ahead, games like Electro Goals and Bullfighting Champion are poised to add to their robust portfolio. On the other hand, 7Mojos, with locations in Varna and Sofia, delivers exceptional slots and live game experiences marked by high-quality graphics and sound. Popular games like Golden Vegas and Patrick’s Riches exemplify their prowess in creating engaging content that meets diverse player preferences.

We’re thrilled to partner with 7Mojos, known for their innovative gaming content. This collaboration enhances our portfolio and enables us to offer unparalleled entertainment to our clients and players worldwide.

Daniel Cuc, Head of Account Management


“REEVO Welcomes 7Mojos to Enhance iGaming Offerings and Player Experience”,, June 18, 2024.

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