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Risking Your Own Life to Save Another


What we say and what we do are two entirely different things and can apply to almost any situation in our lives. It is particularly true when it means putting yourself in jeopardy to save another. Oh, sure we all rush to answer that we would without a shadow of a doubt save another human being in harm’s way but when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is would you?The Results May or May Not Surprise You.

LCB conducted an in-depth survey “Would You Risk It” on 2,000 Americans and asked them for honest answers regarding how willing they would be to save a life in a variety of different scenarios. The circumstances they were placed in were fascinating the results, astounding.

Life Threatening Situations

To start with there were four examples of risk asked to save someone including:

  • Someone stuck in a sinking car
  • Physical attack
  • At gunpoint
  • Inside a burning car

Women were a tad more likely to have their lives spared than men however there were those who would only intervene if a cash reward was involved. There is no other word for that than just plain sad! In other words, they have the guts to save someone but only for a price, karma I say can be a real bitch!

Saving the Spouse and Children

The survey concluded 96% would save their own child, 78% someone else’s child and 95% their spouse from a dog attack.The results were pretty much the same if a drowning occurred or from oncoming traffic. But, this is where the hair on the back of my neck rose with some although a small percentage rate of 4% said they would need a cash reward. For which the LCB walls resonate with my reaction of WHAAAAAT???

The Losers by Gender

Who is more likely NOT to save their spouse according to gender unless they were paid cash to do it? I’ll be right back I need smelling salts because I am about to faint I am so shocked! Dig this, you ready, please sit down for this one: 5% of husbands would save their wives for cash and 3% of women would save their husband’s life for money in a drowning. Oh, but it gets worse 7% of the men if it was by gunpoint, 6% of women would save their man only if you show them da money.

Politics getting in the way

So, when it comes down to brass tacks, lives are determined by political viewpoint because it matters if you are a Democrat, Libertarian, Republican or “Other”. If you are a man or woman and a democrat you are least likely to be saved and Republicans have an edge to survive at the hands of another person. Really?

What Category Do You Fall In?

Are you a hero or coward? Do you fall in the minority that you would only risk your life to save your son, daughter or partner? I would take a bullet for those I loved.

As gamblers, we are no stranger to risk. We win some and we lose some without any rewards whatsoever. I think we would fair pretty well if a survey was conducted on members, don’t you?

For more scenarios and results read the complete article and let us know what you think.

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