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Diana Zolla Claimed Indentify Theft to Hide Internet Gambling Debt


A 31 year old woman known as Diana Zolla from New Jersey, claimed that an identity thief signed up to an internet casino site in New Jersey using her maiden name.  She claimed that this unknown person racked up $10,000 debit in online bets and banking fees without her knowledge.

The matter was passed onto New Jersey Police who looked into the claim for over three months.  Their findings were very interesting, as it turned out that Diana Zolla had in fact racked up the $9,565 debt herself, and then tried to get out from paying the casino by saying it was a thief using her identity.

It seems that she didn’t realise the amount of ‘know your customer information’ that an online casino site has to record.  This includes; name, address, date of birth and social security number etc.  She also wasn’t expecting the police to check her internet service and banking records.

She has since been charged with theft by deception.


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by Kelly Kelly