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GTECH Completes Probability Acquisition


This acquisition will facilitate the immediate pooling of knowledge and expertise currently within GTECH and Probability, allowing us to accelerate deployment of existing game technology into the mobile market as well as pursue cross-selling opportunities

Charles Cohen, Probability chief executive officer.

It has recently been announced that GTECH has concluded the acquisition of Probability PLC for £18 Million.

Probability is a UK mobile gaming company that launched in 2003.  They launched their first mobile slot game in 2004, and even though they were way ahead of the times due to smartphones not yet being developed, they managed to survive whilst the mobile gaming market caught up.

GTECH are a full service provider for both the sports betting and iGaming industry. GTECH realised that there is going to be substantial growth in the mobile gaming industry over the next couple of years. They wanted a subsidiary that would be able to not only convert some of their best games onto a mobile platform, but who could also create new and exciting mobile games.  Due to Probability PLC history, they stood out from the crowd and will; therefore, be a subsidiary of GTECH UK.


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by Kelly Kelly