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Massachusetts Still Discussing Legalising Internet Gambling


I hear the differences of opinion out there. We’re not going to get dragged one way or another into that debate. We’ll simply study and be very careful with any approach to online gaming that doesn’t protect the people of this commonwealth appropriately.

Steven Grossman, State Treasure of Massachusetts.

Earlier on in the month, the American Gaming Association decided to take a step back from the fight to regulate and legalise internet gambling in the United States of America.  However, it seems this decision hasn’t put off Massachusetts from discussing the possibility of legalising internet gambling in their state.

Steven Grossman who is the state treasure and a governor candidate in Massachusetts and Stephen Crosby the Chairman of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission both talked to the Boston Herald about the issue.  They don’t believe that legalising internet gambling in the United States shouldn’t be looked into just because there is such a difference in opinion on the matter.  They believe that each state should be able to find a solution to work for them as they believe all business needs to change to survive and flourish.

A Bill is currently being written in Massachusetts, which would allow the state lottery to experiment with online gaming.  However, this is in its early stages, and may not be passed.


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by Kelly Kelly