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Nicky Senyard Launches Access Digital Marketing Company


Nicky Senyard is the founder and CEO of Income Access, which is one of the largest affiliate management programs in the online gambling industry.

We’ve built Income Access around data analytics, reporting transparency and ROI, and this focus will continue to anchor how we approach marketing strategy and implementation.

Nicky Senyard, CEO of Income Access.

Income Access launched in 2002, and over the years Nicky Senyard has managed to have a sixth sense when it comes to first spotting different trends in the industry and secondly how to successfully market them to a company’s advantage.  This led to Nicky releasing her own digital marketing agency named Access Digital Marketing.

Access Digital Marketing will offer a full digital marketing service that will help their customers with; SEO, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing content, and design.  The company currently has 21 digital marketing specialists and they are hoping to help; land based casinos, online casinos and social gaming companies.

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by Kelly Kelly