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Sheldon Adelson Builds Political Platform against Internet Gambling


Over the last month or so, we have written various different news articles regarding internet gambling in the United States of America.  Currently it is legal to play at a licensed online casino sites in Atlantic City and New Jersey.  Additional states such as Pennsylvania are also considering making internet gambling legal.

There has been much debate regarding this topic, especially from Sheldon Adelson, who is one of the main supporters of the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling’s (CSIG).  He has pledged to spend whatever it takes to get internet gambling banned in the USA.  

It seems Mr. Adelson has been extremely busy with his cheque book, donating millions of dollars to various different Republican Party members, who he knows will be able to help his cause.  It seems to be working too, as he has already managed to get many important political members to support his case by writing different letters to the press and to congressional leaders on the woes of internet gambling.


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by Kelly Kelly