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Unveiling Spark of Genius: Play’n GO's Latest Slot Innovates with FuseWays Mechanic


Play’n GO, a leader in developing engaging slot games, has recently unveiled its latest creation, Spark of Genius, which introduces the advanced FuseWays mechanic, setting a new standard for an electrifying gaming experience.

Electrifying Features Powering Gameplay

Embedded within the core of Spark of Genius is the revolutionary FuseWays mechanic, designed to create wins by completing electrical circuits across a charged grid. Set in the scene of a 20th-century scientific face-off between Maynard Woodrow and Tess Jačova, players actively participate in an exhilarating escape toward dominance. The slot focuses on strategically forging connections through energy-conductive paths within each block, pushing players to think critically about every spin.

Progress is tracked via an Energy Charger that lights up with every move, opening new levels and Resonant energies – Tess and Maynard's battleground for control over the electric grid. As players delve deeper, they unlock specialist abilities from Tess and Maynard:

- Tess’ Gyrota ability allows for symbol rotation, crafting fresh avenues for wins.

- Tess’ Dynamo enhances control by overseeping special symbols that boost player’s chances at winning big.

- Tess’ Free Energy Spin amplifies wins with a growing Win Multiplier following consecutive successes.

- Maynard’s Relay cultivates fresh symbols, furthering winning potential in new patterns.

- Maynard's Overload not only heightens wins but also dismantles surrounding symbols systematically.

- Maynard’s Empire Energy Spin introduces a potent 2x2 grid connector that can trigger up to 35 Free Spins coupled with escalating Win Multipliers.

A Deep Dive into Stunning Play and Design

Spark of Genius not only draws players in with its intricate historical narrative and revolutionary mechanics but also captivates them through visually engaging designs and immersive gameplay. The dynamic rivalry presented through Tess and Maynard's turn-based strategies keeps the game tense and engaging. ''Maynard's Empire Energy Spin boasts a 2x2 connector – potentially securing players up to 35 Free Spins with surging Win Multipliers'' notes the exhilarating scope of possibilities within the game.

Magnus Wallentin, Games Ambassador at Play'n GO, expressed his enthusiasm for the game: ''We're excited for the fandom to experience the spectacle that is Spark of Genius. This title leverages real-world scientific principles for an innovative slot game experience with our FuseWays mechanic. It’s definitely cool and offers a new touch not previously seen in grid slots.'' The excitement in Spark of Genius lies not just in its gameplay or aesthetic appeal but in its fusion of real scientific elements with groundbreaking slot mechanics, marking it as an innovative leap in slot gaming.


''Play’n GO conduct an electrical revolution in Spark of Genius'',, May 16, 2024.

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