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Vivo Gaming and NuxGames Strike Strategic Live Dealer Alliance


In a significant development for the online gaming arena, a strategic partnership has been announced between leading casino operator NuxGame and Vivo Gaming, a top provider of Live Dealer solutions. This collaboration is poised to significantly enhance the gaming experiences for players globally, marking a pivotal moment in the industry.

Revolutionizing Live Dealer Interactions

The collaboration primarily focuses on the integration of Vivo Gaming's innovative Studio Production Technology to deliver an outstanding live gaming experience. Players can enjoy customizable interfaces, allowing for individualized gaming sessions as they prefer, thereby elevating the personal touch in online gambling.

Alongside, the unveiling of Dealer Performance Analytics is another major component of this alliance. These insights are crucial, as they allow operators to track and enhance dealer performance continuously, ensuring a seamless and engaging player experience.

Commitment to Elevated Gaming Standards

This partnership ensures that through Vivo Gaming’s robust Live Dealer solutions, players will experience a flawless and immersive gaming environment. It sets new benchmarks in the quality of live gaming, with varied games and features tailored to meet diverse player preferences.

Both NuxGame and Vivo Gaming are dedicated to breaking new ground and establishing superior standards in the live gaming sector. The focus on innovation and player satisfaction signifies a future of thrilling advancements and improved gaming experiences for participants worldwide.

Vivo Gaming, founded in 2010, continues to lead in delivering immersive virtual casino experiences, highlighted by its cutting-edge technology and player-centric innovations such as the proven Studio Production Technology for high-quality live game streaming and the strategic use of Dealer Performance Analytics to refine gaming dynamics based on real-time data.


''New Partnership: NuxGame and Vivo Gaming'', May 13, 2024.

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