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New Study Believes that Social Gaming Does Not Lead to Problem Gambling


The International Social Games Association approached the University of Sydney and requested that they carry out a study into social gaming and the effects it can have on young players in regards to problem gambling.

The study looked into over 12 million players over a one-month period.  The players were international and enjoyed playing what they call Digsino (casino inspired games that are played in a social environment).  They found that only 0.74% of the 12 million players were under the age of 18 and that only 0.56% of these players spent any real money.

They also looked at the ages of the players at five of the major social gaming operators and found that the majority of players tended to be over 50.  They also noted that social casino gaming was conducted in smaller sessions than real money gambling, which led them to suggesting that social gaming doesn’t fit the stereotypical problem gambler profile.

They also couldn’t find a meaningful relationship between both mediums, which led them to believe that fears that social gaming will lead to a problem gambling habit in later life are uncalled for.


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by Kelly Kelly