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Yggdrasil Offers New Raffle and Auto-Tourney Features


Yggdrasil is known for coming out with some pretty cool slots, but they also work on the other part of the software side in terms of doing cool things with the platform itself. Along these lines, they're launching a really cool feature that allows automated tournaments and raffles to be held inside of it's software client. These are more or less hands-off for the operator, and the big point here is that they offer a much smoother experience for players.

How This Works

Leaderboards are a key part of a lot of promotions that online casinos run these days. Whether you're playing a slots tournament, collecting points for a leaderboard competition or whatever else, they're a part of the promotional life of online casinos that can't be separated. One of the problems that players have, and a problem that casinos haven't really realized in the past all that much, is that to view a leaderboard, players often have to load it in a web page in their browser. This breaks them away from their casino experience, and it can cause slow loading times and other issues for players.

The Leaderboard Solution

One of the big features for this new solution by Yggdrasil called "Boost" is that leaderboards are automatically generated and maintained inside of the software. This means that players don't have to leave the software client window to get instantly-updated leaderboards. What's more is that they don't have to wait for daily updates (or updates even closer than that) that can throw them off their game, especially in tournaments where a lot of money can be on the line.

The Yggdrasil Difference

What's really important to realize here is that Yggdrasil is working on providing players a much better experience through more than the games they produce. With their iSENSE 2.0 platform, the Boost program and lots of other goodies are going to be incorporated in a way that will enhance the whole process of playing at an online casino for the players. This is an approach that we haven't seen on this level from the competition, and it'll be interesting to see what other online casino software companies do to respond to this move by Yggdrasil. In any event, it'll be great that players have an option for casino tournaments and raffles that runs much smoother than the normal ways of handling those types of events now.

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